Everton Way

Everton F.C

Cementing your place in the new Stadium

Intaglio Creative have embarked on a remarkable and thrilling project with Everton Football Club. This personalisation project provided devoted Everton supporters with an extraordinary chance to leave an enduring mark on the club’s stunning new waterfront venue.

Everton Way, is a pathway adorned with exceptional engraved stones, meticulously crafted to pay homage to Everton’s rich heritage, its distinct identity, and the iconic players who have graced the club’s illustrious history. Regardless of location around the globe, Evertonians were given the unique opportunity to be an integral part of Everton Way.

This project was designed by Intaglio Creative to allow over 20,000 fans to procure individually personalised stones that will be thoughtfully positioned along the entirety of Everton Stadium’s South Stand—a breathtaking single-tier home end, hosting an impassioned crowd of 13,000 Blues.