Bremner Square

Leeds United F.C

Bremner Square, a hallowed ground at Elland Road, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Leeds United. It is not merely a tribute to arguably the club’s greatest-ever captain, Billy Bremner, but also a celebration of the Leeds United XI, as voted for by the fans. This remarkable square houses thousands of individually engraved tiles adorned with personalised fan messages, carefully placed around the iconic Bremner statue, creating a space steeped in history and passion.

In a year of great significance, Leeds United Football Club unveiled its ambitious vision for Centenary Square, an extraordinary commemorative space situated just outside the iconic Centenary Pavilion at the heart of Elland Road. This pedestrian space was meticulously designed to pay homage to a century of rich history and unwavering passion that has defined Leeds United.

Bremner Square is more than a physical addition; it is a living narrative of Leeds United’s journey. Its array of features and highlights tell the club’s story. At its heart is Leeds United’s greatest ever Captain, and the Leeds United XI as voted for by the fans. This statue bearing the weight of history, takes pride of place among personalised fan stones that populate the square.

What makes Bremner Square truly unique is the opportunity it provided for fans to leave their indelible mark on Bremner Square. Fans were invited to select from various stone sizes and locations, with each stone allowing up to 60 characters of text. This was their chance to immortalise their fondest club memories, personal connections to Leeds United, and what makes the club an extraordinary part of their lives.