Champions Place

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

A Celebration of the 2012 Olympics

Intaglio Creative embarked on an exciting collaboration with The London Legacy Development Corporation to commemorate the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games in a remarkable way. We invited individuals from around the world to participate in this celebration by acquiring a personalised engraved stone to be featured prominently at the iconic London Stadium, nestled within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This unique opportunity empowers visitors and fans to etch their personal connection to the Park onto an engraved stone, which will take its place along Champions Place—a path adorned with floor stones at London Stadium.

In partnership with The London Legacy Development Corporation, the British Olympic Association, and the British Paralympic Association, Intaglio was thrilled to present this exceptional opportunity at Champions Place. It offered visitors and fans the chance to leave their mark on this historic location by purchasing an engraved stone bearing a personalised message, to be elegantly positioned at Champions Place within London Stadium. These engraved stones enable individuals to create enduring tributes in one of London’s most renowned and beloved venues.