Anfield Forever: Anfield Road

Liverpool F.C.

Anfield Forever is an enduring tribute and interactive fan installation situated at the hallowed grounds of Anfield Stadium, the iconic home of Liverpool Football Club. This unique project is designed to celebrate the rich history and passionate community that surrounds one of the most storied clubs in football history.

Anfield Forever is a living embodiment of the deep connection between Liverpool FC and its dedicated fanbase. Unveiled in 2016, this project allows supporters from all over the world to commemorate their unwavering loyalty to the club. The heart of Anfield is now adorned with thousands of personalised stones, each one carrying a unique message, name, or dedication, etched into the fabric of the stadium.

These stones are placed within a dedicated area near the famous Shankly Gates, creating a stunning walkway of memories and tributes. The installation serves as a testament to the club’s enduring legacy and the unbreakable bond between Liverpool FC and its fans.