Wellington College Library

Wellington College

As a pivotal part of commemorating Wellington College’s illustrious 150th Anniversary and supporting their Library Appeal, Intaglio was honoured to undertake the design of a remarkable personalization project.

This initiative served a dual purpose: not only did it raise crucial funds for the college’s library redesign and expansion, as well as the renovation of the Prince’s Quad, but it also aimed to leave an enduring legacy in gratitude to the generous donors who made it all possible.

Our project extended an open invitation to all alumni, parents, and Friends of Wellington, offering them the opportunity to contribute to the fundraiser by acquiring a personalised granite stone. These stones were destined to find their place within the new library extension. We meticulously crafted designs to accommodate the placement of up to 1,000 stones, thoughtfully integrated into the pathways leading from the Library to the Chapel and the Library to the Back Quad. Each stone bore the pupil’s name, house, and graduation year, along with the distinguished Wellington crest, ensuring a meaningful and lasting tribute to the institution’s rich heritage.