Surrey Legends Wall

Surrey CCC

The Greatest XI recognised at The Kia Oval

Nestled within the modern confines of The Kia Oval’s new stand, The Surrey Legends’ Wall stands as a testament to the Club’s Greatest XI, thoughtfully chosen by its esteemed Members. Phase 1 of this remarkable project was unveiled at The Kia Oval in April 2022, providing cricket enthusiasts from around the globe with an exclusive opportunity to acquire personalised plaques, immortalising their own cherished moments and memories at this iconic venue. As sales at Surrey CCC continue to thrive, Intaglio Creative remains dedicated to collaborating with the club, diligently working on the subsequent phases of this visionary initiative.

Leveraging the comprehensive Intaglio turnkey solution, the club has successfully encouraged thousands of fervent cricket fans to procure club-branded plaques and select heartfelt messages of support to be etched onto enduring zinc plaques. Throughout this project, our dedicated customer service team has adeptly managed every inquiry, while our marketing team has lent vital support with strategic messaging and campaigns aimed at stimulating renewed sales drives. Simultaneously, our installation team has ensured that a wide spectrum of messages, ranging from birthdays and anniversaries to cherished family memories and even eight marriage proposals, have been indelibly etched into the heart of The Kia Oval during each installation.