Bespoke Sandstone Entrance

Manchester Grammar School

Bespoke sandstone entrance at Manchester Grammar School

Our initial collaboration with Manchester Grammar School dates back nearly a decade. It marked the inception of a remarkable project wherein Intaglio Creative installed a tailor-made sandstone entrance as a pivotal component of the Bursary Now Appeal campaign. This distinctive entrance was conceived to express gratitude towards former MGS pupils, parents, and supporters who had generously contributed to the Bursary fund since 1998, enabling the school to invest a staggering £22 million in transformative bursaries. Crafted from Yorkshire Stone, it was meticulously designed to seamlessly encompass the main entrance, featuring engraved donor names etched into the stone.

The Intaglio Creative team is elated to have been entrusted with the task of crafting a new donor design. This design serves to honour the Boards of Refoundation and is prominently situated at the Hugh Oldman entrance. Consistent with the existing aesthetic, it employs sandstone as the chosen material, with each initial donor’s name masterfully hand-cut into the blocks.