The Father Time Wall, Lord’s


Intaglio Creative have worked with Marylebone Cricket Club to launch a new installation at Lord’s Cricket Ground to recognise the 100 greatest milestones ever to take place at the home of cricket, as voted by the MCC Members. The Father Time Wall is situated at Cavendish Close behind the Grandstand and the newly redeveloped Compton Stand and offers MCC Members and supporters of Lord’s an opportunity to purchase their own personalised zinc plaques to be included alongside the 100 greatest milestones at the Home Of Cricket.

“We are hugely excited about the Lord’s Father Time Wall project. The installation has given a striking, physical presence to many of the greatest cricketing moments that have taken place at Lord’s, bringing to life the stories behind some of the most significant milestones for both the club and the ground. Whilst celebrating these many achievements, we have given supporters the unique opportunity to feature on the wall, taking their own place in the Home of Cricket’s history.”  Guy Lavender, Chief Executive & Secretary, MCC.

In phase one, the Intaglio team installed over 100 zinc panels, containing thousands of personalised messages from Members and supporters. We also helped design the 100 greatest milestones to have taken place at Lord’s, and additionally we showcased the 2017 and 2019 World Cup winning images onto porcelain tiles.

“I have worked on many large-scale personalisation installations at major UK sporting venues, but it’s been an absolute privilege to help create the Father Time Wall at the Home Of Cricket.” Kevin O’Brien, Director, Intaglio Creative.


The 100 Greatest Milestones

By celebrating the most iconic moments in the rich history of Lord’s as voted for by MCC members, it was important that this theme ran through the wall and created an impactful focal point at the ground for supporters to continue to visit in years to come. To help create this visually our design team, used a combination of text and imagery to be expertly etched into zinc panels and fired into porcelain tiles, whilst ensuring the integrity of the MCC brand and colours.

Personalised Plaques on The Father Time Wall
Members and supporters from around the world, were invited to buy personalised plaques and replica products to commemorate their own significant moments and memories of Lord’s.
To support each purchase, we built a bespoke e-commerce platform that facilitated the Member and supporter personalised plaque orders. Our customer service team were also on hand to
advise and help supporters through the life cycle of their purchase. This hands on support provided by Intaglio Creative ensures a smooth buying experience for Members and supporters.

Father Time Wall Replica Products
In addition to the personalised plaques, supporters were also given the option to purchase their own certificate to commemorate their plaque. Replica plaques were also available packaged in either a sleeve, box or hand-made frame, with the option of including a personalised gift card all adding an additional revenue stream for the MCC.

Installation of The Father Time Wall
The Intaglio team were integral in helping to shape plans around the installation of Father Time Wall which required input from various partners to create this cricket donor wall. A bespoke steel wall was installed, and Intaglio helped in ensuring this was fabricated to allow their zinc sheets and porcelain tiles to fit seamlessly into the spaces allocated. A hands-on approach, which the Intaglio team provide, is crucial to ensuring this key stage of the project was professionally executed.