E-commerce for Stadium Personalisation

Intaglio Creative partner with some of the most respected and well-known clubs in UK professional sport. These well supported clubs bring exciting possibilities for personalisation projects. Our team works with the club through every aspect of planning and launch through to installation.

Personalised plaque fundraising campaigns have helped many of our venues reach their commercial goals, with the full support of the Intaglio team throughout. In our experience professional sports businesses have many similarities, but their stadium is very individual to them, so we offer a bespoke service to reflect that. We don’t start each system from scratch but leaning on previous experiences enables us to launch a website and booking system that is bespoke to the club, within a short time frame.

The system created for any of our projects includes full access to your own sales platform. This shows live sales and customer information allowing both the club and our customer support team to access this and most importantly support the customer when needed.

The front end of this system is vital to the project’s success, and our team not only customise the look and feel of the e-commerce site to the club’s branding. We also work directly with your technical team to integrate the preferred payment gateway, to ensure smooth transactions. This allows us to work seamlessly throughout the project with the club or any venue that we partner with.

The system created also delivers during the production and installation phases of the project, as it enables us to create the personalisation files needed ready for our design and production teams.

This system has been refined over many years and allows us to adapt to any style of personalisation display. Our customer service team use this system throughout the project to ensure every customer is happy with their purchase and inscription, but also to communicate after installation where their plaque can be viewed at the venue.

Arrange a call with our team to show you how the Intaglio Creative personalisation system works by emailing [email protected]