Secure Your Place in History with ‘Calon y Stadiwm’

As Principality Stadium proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary, we are excited to introduce an exclusive opportunity for Rugby fans to become an integral part of this iconic stadium’s enduring legacy. Welcome to ‘Calon y Stadiwm,’ a unique project by Intaglio that invites fans to engrave their names into the very heart of Welsh Rugby with a personalised zinc plaque at The Principality Stadium.

Fans are being invited to secure their own personalised plaque, prominently showcased on a commemorative wall nestled within the pulsating heart of the stadium bowl. Strategically positioned on the South Stand, amid the posts and within the thick of the action, these premium zinc plaques will stand as a testament to the unwavering connection between fans and The Principality Stadium.

This spring, Intaglio will oversee the installation of these plaques, creating a physical testament to the profound connection between supporters and the stadium. As you traverse the South Stand, you’ll encounter the names and messages of dedicated rugby enthusiasts, forever immortalised in the very fabric of the arena.

At the heart of each plaque lies a timeline commemorating historic moments within the stadium’s illustrious history. From Wales’ triumphant grand slam victories in the final rounds of the Six Nations campaigns to Anthony Joshua’s unification of his heavyweight titles, and from Ed Sheeran’s record-breaking performances to the legendary Champions League final of 2017, every significant milestone finds its place within this chronicle.

Securing your place in history is a straightforward process thanks to Intaglio. Fans can secure and personalise their plaque through Intaglio’s bespoke system and witness as it rightfully claims its place in the heart of Principality Stadium. Whether you choose to immortalise your own name, pay tribute to a loved one, or celebrate a special moment, ‘Calon y Stadiwm’ offers a unique and enduring way to be part of something greater than yourself.

As the stadium commemorates 25 years of remarkable moments and unforgettable matches, ‘Calon y Stadiwm’ stands as a testament to the enduring passion of rugby supporters. It’s an opportunity to be permanently woven into the narrative of Principality Stadium – a living, breathing monument to the love and dedication of fans who breathe life into this iconic arena.

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