Schools & Universities that Fundraise

For several years, we have been providing engraved plaques or creating personalisation displays for schools and universities. They use this as a way to commemorate and fundraise towards a special project or anniversary. The appeal to education settings is that they can easily create an area within their grounds that can be used as a focal point and a legacy for students past and present. They also have a captive audience, and an extensive database of previous students that could be engaged in a personalisation scheme.

The benefits of a personalisation scheme for universities and schools –

  • Alumni Appreciation – these schemes commemorate their time with the university or school giving the students an opportunity to leave a personal message.
  • Charity Fundraising – Some education settings use this to highlight a special cause that they are raising for, this can be used to highlight individual students or teachers.
  • New facilities – When improving facilities at the university or school they can be used to help generate funds towards this project and highlighting how the new facilities will improve life at the university for students.

Our specialist team can help create a personalisation visual using any space within your grounds, and go through how much money could be raised with a University Fundraiser or School Fundraiser. Just get in touch with our personalisation team on [email protected]