Paving the way for Engraved Bricks!

At the beginning, many of our projects were around engraved bricks. A personalised brick worked very well within a scheme, it was permanent and a way to thank supporters for their donations. We quickly prove that these schemes can generate vital funds for many venues, so whilst we started with professional football clubs, this quickly expanded into other sports and large destination venues. The list of venues looking to raise funds and recognise their supporters through engraved bricks was endless.

The Intaglio Team are creative by nature and although engraved brick schemes raise funds and use a robust material. We knew with our clients; the overall design of a scheme is key! We therefore started to explore alternative materials and focus more on the design of the area we had to install a personalisation scheme. This started to deliver some truly amazing results, clients were able to take their project to the next level by creating a focal point at their venue with a scheme and style that is unique to them!

So not only do we offer engraved bricks, but we recommend etched Zinc, engraved Tiles, Acrylic plaques or Aluminium projects all delivering a way to commemorate supporters and raise funds for your cause. The team at Intaglio Creative, will help you design your scheme, set up the E Commerce platform to sell your plaques through, and manufacture the personalised plaques whatever the material!

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your personalisation project – [email protected]