Mo Farah London 2012 Track

As we watch the Celebrities make themselves at home in the new Castle, we could not help but be delighted to hear that Mo Farah still has his piece of track in pride of place.

Intaglio Director, Kevin O’Brien in a previous life was part of a project – London 2012 Track. Launching a personalisation project like no other, enabling the athletics track used during the London 2012 Games at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park stadium, to be owned and personalised by fans. Giving them a real opportunity to capture a true piece of sporting history.

The products ranged from small, framed pieces of track set into laser-cut acrylic, to a boxed version complete with an engraved zinc plaque and certificate of authenticity. Limited edition premium items include large-scale, customisable versions and offered the opportunity to own large tiles of the track featuring line markings and lane numbers.

This was a fantastic and unique project to be part of, watch this space as Intaglio Creative launch similar projects in the new year.

Presenting Mo Farah with his iconic piece of track, framed and personalised is Intaglio Director Kevin O’Brien.