Engraving for Hospitality

When you are planning your next hospitality project, we know there is much more to consider, quite different to a residential project. We need to understand size and durability, plus the quantity requirements of the project. But most often it is the design and the impact that is required for a hospitality project that means engraving becomes an interesting point of difference.

Our creative team explore ideas that work to help create that impact and design feature for hospitality projects. Whether that is a restaurant, hotel or bar our material innovation team can engrave most surfaces with durability still in mind.

Statement Lobby Backdrops 

The lobby is a key area for any hotel, as this really sets the tone for every customer as soon as they arrive. Our creative team can engrave any large format material, that can help create that statement backdrop on arrival keeping in theme with the design style and patterns required.

Dividing Walls in Hospitality Suites 

With space constraints, its not always possible to create two rooms for sitting and sleeping within a hotel suite, so the room divide presents the perfect solution. Although this is a practical solution it can still create a point of difference, engraving porcelain tiles will bring an element of design to the room that creates depth and sophistication.

Mood Lighting to Highlight

We know lighting is especially important in any project, more so when creating the public areas in any hospitality project. When it comes to the bar, the lighting creates the point of difference and more importantly sets the tone of the design. When considering the lighting, look at the detail engraved materials such as Porcelain, Natural stone or solid surface can create and the lighting can be used to highlight this beautiful definition.