December Installation at Celebration Corner

Nestled alongside the iconic Thierry Henry statue, the Celebration Corner at Emirates Stadium is a living tribute to the unwavering dedication of Arsenal Football Club’s supporters. In a landmark move dating back to 2017, this corner evolved into a canvas for personalisation, immortalising the support of fans within the stadium’s very walls. Partnering with Intaglio, this pioneering initiative marked the debut of Zinc in UK stadium personalisation, revolutionising fan engagement in sports stadiums across the country.

Intaglio’s vision has materialised into a stunning display of custom-engraved plaques that exude the heart and soul of the club. Adorning the stadium wall in the club’s iconic red and white, these plaques create a captivating “scarf effect,” gracefully trailing behind the revered Thierry Henry statue.

The journey doesn’t stop there. Stepping into 2023, the Intaglio team eagerly embarked on the next phase. The profound significance of this project catalysed the launch of a new chapter, offering ongoing sales of personalised plaques, inviting supporters from every corner of the globe to etch their names into Arsenal’s illustrious history.

Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe the impact of this project. It’s a testament to the bond between the club and its supporters, encapsulating the very essence of Arsenal” remarked Kevin O’Brien, CEO of Intaglio Creative, reflecting on the project’s success.

December marked another significant milestone with the next installation of personalised plaques, featuring an array of sizes and Arsenal crests from different eras. This initiative transcends mere customisation; it’s an open invitation for fans to become an integral part of the club’s enduring legacy, a journey extending beyond our initial expectations and extending into the upcoming year of 2024.