Celebration Corner at Emirates Stadium

Celebration Corner at Emirates Stadium: A Legacy of Personalised Plaques

Nestled alongside the illustrious Thierry Henry statue at Emirates Stadium, Celebration Corner is a testament to the enduring passion and unwavering support of Arsenal fans. This unique space, adorned with custom-engraved plaques, was inaugurated in 2017, and it has since become an integral part of the Arsenal experience. With an eye on innovation, Celebration Corner marked a significant step in personalisation schemes in the UK, proudly using zinc for this transformative project. As the legacy of Celebration Corner continues to grow with Intaglio Creative, we are excited to share the latest developments and ongoing sales, allowing fans to make their mark on this remarkable installation.

About Celebration Corner

Our dedicated design team embarked on a creative journey to craft a display of personalised plaques that capture the essence of Arsenal’s storied history. These elegant panels, cascading in the club’s iconic red and white, create a visually striking “scarf effect” along the wall behind the legendary Thierry Henry statue. This transformation began with the integration of an initial 8,000 personalised zinc plaques, each representing a unique connection between the fans and their beloved club.

The Significance of Celebration Corner

Celebration Corner is more than just a display of plaques; it is a testament to the profound relationship between the club and its supporters. It serves as a tangible reminder that Arsenal’s legacy is not solely written by the players on the pitch but also by the dedicated fans who stand behind them. Each plaque is a celebration of moments that define what it means to be a Gooner – the highs, the lows, and the unyielding passion that unites fans across the globe.

The Ongoing Legacy

As Celebration Corner continues to grow, the club has announced an additional phase in 2023 working with the team at Intaglio Creative. Opening the door for more fans to participate in this unique project. Sales are ongoing, offering Arsenal supporters the chance to become an indelible part of the club’s rich history. Whether you’re a lifelong Gooner, a newcomer to the Arsenal family, or simply looking for a meaningful way to connect with the club, Celebration Corner provides an avenue for fans to leave their mark and create lasting memories.

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