Billy Boston and Sean O’Loughlin attend unveiling of the club’s memory wall

Wigan Warriors: Billy Boston and Sean O’Loughlin attend unveiling of the club’s memory wall

Over the last few months, fans have been able to buy personalised plaques to share a special moment or remember a loved one. Club legends Billy Boston and Sean O’Loughlin were among those in attendance at the recent unveiling.

Assistant head of community Claire Taylor said: “The garden has been open for a while now but due to Covid plans got delayed and slowed down. It’s in its development stage, but we are starting to grow things- including vegetables and herbs. It’s also a space for people to come and rest, as well as being productive.

We created the memory wall as a place for people to remember others as well as moments. It’s not just to remember people who have passed, it might be to celebrate a special occasion or the birth of a child. We have unveiled it now, and it was just really exciting for the people who bought plaques to come down.

Wigan’s memory wall (Photo: Kelvin Stuttard)

“Now it’s open, more people will want to come and share their memories, and be remembered in a place that is connected to something that is special to them. So many people had that connection at Central Park, but that doesn’t exist any more, so Robin Park is now our home.It’s valuable for fans to have that special place here.”

Claire Taylor (Photo: Kelvin Stuttard)

The garden at the club’s training ground is located in a peaceful area near the border of the DW Stadium.

The Warriors’ community garden at Robin Park Arena (Photo: Kelvin Stuttard)

Source: Wigan Today