Add another angle to a Hexagon 

As designers embrace this interesting shape we have taken it one step further, and reworked some of our designs within our 2020 collection, to engrave upon Spanish porcelain hexagon tiles. 

Our design team suggests keeping it simple, the shape alone will have a huge impact, so by taking one of our more simple, bolder patterns such as Orbital or Lilypad you can transform the look and feel of any space. The Intaglio production team then takes over, and through the versatility and accuracy of our bespoke lasering system, each design flows seamlessly onto the next tile. Don’t forget about the finishing touches, the colour of the grout you select can also have an impact and really showcase the shape of this tile. 

Look up at our Starry Starry Nights 

Stars have featured as a key trend in fashion, print and pattern throughout 2020. Our design team saw endless possibilities for this pattern in harder material. But their aim was to make the pattern seamless, so it would appear as if you were looking up at the stars. Faced with this challenge, each star and edge had to repeat within a hexagonal tile, so that the perfect design could be applied to the engraving system. We were then able to produce beautiful hexagonal tiles that are modular, interconnected and most importantly created the illusion of a “sky of stars”.